The Deacons are united in their mission to serve, honor and care for church members and friends. As Doug Phillips said in his mother’s day sermon, “Katonah Presbyterian is a church where there is heart, where there is spirit, and where we take care of one another.” Your deacons attempt to facilitate in all of these missions.

We regularly meet in the Church House parlor on the third Wednesday evening of each month and occasionally emergency meetings are called on Sundays. But Deacons work from home making phone calls, from the church office consulting with the pastors, in hospitals and nursing homes visiting congregants, in Fellowship Hall hosting gatherings, in your homes delivering flowers and meals, in the sanctuary ushering and setting up communion, and wherever we find neighbors and congregants who need us to listen. We also pray throughout our days on your behalf, so call on us for help we look forward to giving.

Thank you for electing us and trusting us to serve you, and please do call on us, individually or through the church office, if you need us in any way.

2017 Board of Deacons
Pastor Advisor: Rev. Dr. Jack Cabaness

Communion – Alice DuBon
Correspondence – Kathy Mullane
Transportation – Francesca Tschorn
Special Events – Gina Gorman
Treasurer – Sharon Ballen
Moderator – Cynthia Bruenn
Special Events – Craig Johnson
Deacon Chefs – Sallie Hamawy
Recording Secretary – Marian Hickman
Vice Moderator – Greg Lehr
Correspondence and Soup Coordinator – Peggy Martin
Bread Baking and Nominating – Sue Pond