Director of Christian Education

Purpose: To provide overall leadership for Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church of Katonah.
Accountability: Supervised by the Pastor, as Head of Staff, and accountable to the Session’s Personnel Committee.

Relationships: Relates to the congregation, the Session, Board of Deacons and their committees, and staff as a Christian Education leader, support and resource.

1. Comply with First Presbyterian Church’s Policy on Child/Youth Protection and Policy on Sexual Misconduct as well as any employee responsibilities developed by the Personnel Committee.

2. Maintain personal, professional, and spiritual balance which involves:

  • Engage in regular spiritual practice, not related to the function of the ministry.
  • Practice the necessary self-care to exemplify a healthy, balanced life.

3. Oversee the Christian Education ministry for children, youth and their families which involves:

  • Manage Church School for all children and youth in cooperation and collaboration with the Christian Education Committee.
  • Provide training and support to Church School teachers and leaders, and assist the Christian Education Committee with recruitment.
  • Develop, organize and co-teach the Confirmation Class.
  • Recommend curriculum and resources to the Christian Education Committee.
  • Work with the Christian Education Committee to develop new curriculum content, as needed.
  • Oversee Junior and Senior High Youth ministries as well as provide training for any and all leaders.
  • Oversee the implementation of the Child Protection Policy.
  • Organize seminars and events for families as needed.

4. Oversee the Christian Education ministry for adults which involves:

  • Develop and/or organize educational opportunities as needed and directed to by the committee or Pastor.
  • Develop Bible study and small group opportunities, as needed and directed to by the committee or Pastor, and train and resource the leaders and facilitators.
  • Periodically, as appropriate, provide and lead an adult Bible study.

5. Provide leadership in worship, which involves:

  • Participate regularly in worship leadership, ordinarily providing the Word with Children.
  • Develop special worship services around, but not limited to, the Children’s Christmas Pageant, high school led worship, Confirmation, and June Jubilee.
  • Assist, when called upon by the Pastor, with special worship services throughout the liturgical year.

6. Provide, along with the Pastor, hospital and crisis visitation to church members, as directed by the Pastor.

7. Assist with the active involvement of new and existing members in the life and work of the church, helping them utilize their time, talent and treasure.

  • Support, when called upon by the Pastor, new member orientation.

8. Provide administrative support, which involves:

  • Participate in staff meetings.
  • Assist in the facilitation of church communication with regular articles and announcements in the bulletin, newsletter, and web site.

9. Serve, when appropriate, on a presbytery committee and/or educators presbytery network.


Qualifications: Extensive knowledge and articulation of Reformed faith and theology; competent and
inspiring teaching; ability to equip leaders and relate to all types of people; sense of
humor; flexible and approachable; strong, effective, and creative leadership; member of
the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators; and a strong and sincere Christian

Type: 30 hours per week, salaried/exempt position.

Terms/Compensation/Benefits: Determined by the Session, ordinarily on an annual basis.

Review: A performance review will be conducted annually, by the Personnel Committee and Pastor with particular input from the leadership of the Christian Education Committee. The Personnel Committee, in consultation with the Pastor, will annually review, the adequacy of compensation and benefits and recommend revisions to the Session.

Termination: The employment relationship may be concluded by the employee or session upon four weeks’ notice. The Session may terminate for cause without such notice.