The Prison Ministry is multifaceted. Much of our prison work has been connected with the near-by Taconic and Bedford Hills Correctional Facilities for women.

Church members have been and continue to be involved in regular visits, tutoring/teaching, letter writing and advocacy work. Note pads, journals, postage stamps, greeting cards, puzzles/puzzle books, and magazines and devotional reading materials are collected, delivered and distributed to women in the Bedford infirmary. Throughout the year, children from outside the area may visit their mothers and participate in activities at the prison while staying with nearby families, who support the program by opening their homes to them and transporting the children to and from the prison for the daytime program.  These visits could be for a weekend or upwards of 5 days. At Christmas, lists of age appropriate toys or games are given to the congregation who bring in new, unwrapped gifts in order to clear security at Taconic. These gifts are then made available to the mothers who give them to their children when they come to visit.

We believe strongly in the importance of education for rehabilitation and we support programs which foster education both in prison and upon release, as well as programs which facilitate re-entry into society. We have provided financial support for various organizations such as: the arts education program at Sing Sing and elsewhere, Education at Taconic, the Exodus Transitional Community, and more.