Professor Luther meet Professor Trawick, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at St. Thomas Aquinus College in Rockland County.

On Reformation Sunday, 500 years after Martin Luther is said to have nailed his 95 theses to the doors of the Wittenburg university church, Dr. Trawick, a former moderator of Hudson River Presbytery, reminded us that regarding the great separation of Protestant from Roman Catholic, we’re not in 1517, but there are pitfalls in belief and practice going forward. Our differences over time are less daunting, commonalities more comforting. That said, both sets of adherents to the Christ who overturned the temple marketplace in John 2: 13 – 21 are on shifting ground. All denominations might heed the prophetic words in 1929 of H. Richard Niebuhr: “The greatest sin of protestant denominations in the United States was the failure to resist the temptation of making their own self-preservation and extension the primary object of their endeavor.” It is most certainly true that the church universal is now challenged to find anew the most effective way to be the body of Christ.