Session is the governing board of our church, composed of 15 Elders. Elders are selected by a nominating committee and voted upon by the congregation in our annual meeting. They serve for a term of 3 years. Every year 5 new Elders are elected for the five whose term has expired.  A youth elder is elected for a one-year term. Session meets once a month to discuss the goings-on of the church.

2017 Session Elders

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Jack Cabaness

Buildings & Grounds – Phil DuBon & Bob Whitton
Christian Education – Heidi Cambareri, Linda Orsenigo & Angelina Violante
Clerk of Session – Sheryl Bernhard
Fellowship – Alex Costello
Church and Society – JoAnn Rasmussen & Marga Spiller
Stewardship & Finance – Jim Schmidt, Sue Hassett & Phil DuBon
Evangelism – Marga Spiller & Eileen Giuliani
Membership – Cathy Weigle
Worship – Denise Parker
Personnel – Sheryl Bernhard & Jim Schmidt
Nominating – Alex Costello & JoAnn Rasmussen
Visibilty – Anne Harris & Rhoda Ingberman
Youth Elder – Angelina Violante