Hello all, I am Heather Petre, your Parish Nurse.  I joined KPC  30+ years ago and raised my three sons in our church family and now my two grandchildren.  I have been a Deacon on and off for all these years, have taught sunday school, worked rummage and been of various committees.

I received my RN and Associate Degree from Dutchess Community College and my BS from Mercy College.  I have worked as a nurse for forty four years doing IV therapy, Administrative Supervisor and oncology.

Many years ago I read an article about Parish Nursing that really excited me and  I did some research to understand this position and thought I could use my love and experience as a nurse to volunteer at KPC.  I was then commissioned by Rev. Weisenbach and joined the Parish Nurse council locally for learning and support in this endeavor to which there are specific rules.  Here follows the official description of a Parish Nurse; “The Parish Nurse is an advocate to work as a map reader for the health care maze.  To help those in need to understand their diagnoses, lab results and medicines.  To help those in distress to access a physician when medical help is needed, help to explain parishioner concerns, situations or extenuating circumstances to physicians  (with permission to do so).  The Parish Nurse is a referral resource person to help with problems and collaborate with other members of the health care system.  All information is confidential, always”.

It is with love and pleasure I can assist our church family and friends,  and that being said many thanks to the Pastors; Jack, Dorinda and Doug.  It is my pleasure to work closely with our Deacons and Stephen Ministers for support and help as necessary.  I continue to look forward to helping my church family and community as they need me.

Peace and Love
Heather Petre, RN.BS