When I was a student at Westminster Choir College, my mentor, Rev. Erik Routley, once delivered a sermon at our weekly worship service in which he described church as a “train station” — an intentionally jolting contrast to the common description of church as “home.” That use of “train station” as a metaphor for church resonated with me at the time. I felt that it captured the real essence of church, and it continues to ring true with me today.

Every Sunday, we gather at church from so many different places and on so many different journeys, and we are then dispersed in various directions toward various destinations after the worship. Some, I am sure, are savvy travelers with clear destinations in mind, while others are just starting their journeys, hopeful and excited but perhaps still very unsure of the path ahead. We are all on our own journeys, and church is that wonderful place where we cross paths and form a special community as fellow travelers.

As Music Director at KPC, I welcome all to partake in the music ministry, whether that is sharing your musical talents in one of our choirs, or simply supporting the programs and special performances we offer throughout the year.

For more information about our music ministry and to reach Kyoko, contact her at music@katonahpresbyterian.org.